Welcome Back From Commercial. Now, Diet and Nutrition

So I had a much longer break from writing to the blog than anticipated. For a very good reason… Christy and I had our first child on May 16th! What an amazing experience, so much so that I am going to start a completely different blog about being a dad. Stay tuned. So needless to say the ability to sit down and write has been rather hard come by. I want to start this series on myths and misinformation about health and fitness with what I call the root of it all. Nutrition. In the next few sentences I am going to give you all the tools you need to lose weight, have a better blood profile, lower blood pressure, have better looking skin and hair, feel less anxiety, feel better and heck just feel happier. Ready? Here it goes.

1. Eat more vegetables
2. Eat more fruit
3. Eat Legumes (beans) and nuts
4. Eat quality lean meats and eggs

Limit your intake of…

Fast food(drastically limit, if you only knew what was “really in” fast food )
Anything with added sugar ( it really is the biggest problem )
Anything with “fake sugar” I.e. aspartame , Splenda , equal etc….

Also.. Watch your portions!

Honest to Christmas people, it really is JUST THAT EASY!

Stop dieting… I read a great quote recently that said “dieting means there is a beginning and an end, but lifestyle change is forever”. How very powerful! You have the tools, smarts and resources at your very finger tips to make a change and make it correct. There is no magic pill, fad diet or wizards wand to be waved. I honestly could go on and on about how easy the plan is to follow, all you have to do is CHOOSE which path for nutrition you want to go down.
After 15 years in the fitness industry I have grown tired of all the “get fit quick” schemes. They are such BS. Remind yourself and anyone trying to change that they did not get out of shape over night so they will not get INTO shape over night.

By no means am I a dietician or nutritionist, what I am though is someone who understands that the more whole natural foods we eat the better off we are.

Presto! I have hopefully just cleared your minds of all the confusion on nutrition. So, you may now clear space in your thoughts to get ready for exercise programs in the next blog!




8 Replies to “Welcome Back From Commercial. Now, Diet and Nutrition”

  1. So where would you classify pop corn? That is one I’ve been having trouble gagging whether to make some at home. Like buy the kernels and pop it at home and add a little butter and salt. Considered a whole grain? Or more along the lines of pasta and bread?

    1. Hi Gera!
      So popcorn is a starchy veggie. In moderation it is fine. Yes popping, salting and buttering your own is best. You can find some decent microwave bags out there now a days.


  2. Hey Eric great info man! I definitely like that you are straight with your audience and give simple information by not making your posts hard to understand. I’m a freshman at Chapman University and I also have a fitness blog for my writing class. I’m trying to become more involved with the fitness and nutrition community because I am a Kinesiology major with an emphasis in nutrition. I would love to feature this post on my blog because it fits well with my blog topic and it has some applicable steps to follow. If you have time to check out some of my posts and could give me some feedback, I would greatly appreciate it! Keep spreading the good word and stay healthy!


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